Latest Female Fashion Trends for Fall 2011 includes Bright Colors

xxOne of the Latest Female Fashion Trends for Fall 2011 & Winter is lots of bright and bold colors. We’re not seeing many neutral colors this season and I have yet to read anything about “fall’s neutrals”. I am, however, seeing a lot of black and gray – but they are mostly mixed with brighter colors.

The two big colors this season are Red and Teal Blue – a big yeah! from me, they are two of my favorites. Some of the other colors being touted this season are Rust, Orange and Mustard, but honestly, very few people can pull these color off. While you can find a red to go with any skin tone and teal blue looks good on just about everyone, rust & mustard (or gold) are warmer colors that just aren’t flattering to most complexions. Another popular color that is also flattering to most and will be abundant this season is Jade Green.

Brightly colored pants – especially colored jeans – are predicted to be huge this fall, but I haven’t seen too many available in plus size yet. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them crop up.

Another trend I expect to see carried over from last fall and winter is brightly colored leather coats.

Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate this season’s color trends in your wardrobe:

Latest Female Fashion Trends for Fall 2011 includes Bright Colors

This is definitely the season of the red dress – there is a huge selection and most of them are gorgeous.  I have my eye on a red maxi-dress for the holidays.

Add a new piece is one of this season’s signature colors with the neutral pieces you already have.  All of the colors will look great with black – so add a bright bulky sweater to your favorite black pants or skirt.  The beautiful colors are also denim friendly, so update your blue jean look with a brightly colored top.  Add a pop of color as a blouse, top or shell to your suit and look instantly updated.

These colors are also prevalent in outerwear, so you can brighten up your winter coat or jacket with a new bright color.  If you can’t go that far, add another of this season’s top hit – the fringed scarf – in a bold color to wear with your coats and jackets.

Here are my top picks:

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