Convertible Plus Size Pants, Capri Pants & Shorts ~ Trendy Plus Size Pick of the Day


Convertible Plus Size ShortsI just added Plus Size Convertible Pants to the website and thought these great pants, capri pants and shorts would make a great Pick of the Day.

Woman Within has these pants in four lengths – regular, capri and shorts.  Each can be shortened by rolling up the hem and using the button tab to hold them in place.

The full length pants convert from pants length, 30”, to capri length, 23”.
The capri pants convert from capri length, 21”, to bermuda shorts length, 13”.
The shorts convert from bermuda length, 13”, to shorts length, 9”.
Of course, since you are rolling up the hem, you could really go anywhere between the two lengths.

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Plus Size Cargo Pants, Women’s Plus Sized Cargo Pants

Plus Size Cargo PantsPlus Size Cargo Pants have been a popular casual wear and blue jeans alternative for several years.

Before cargo pants became a fashion item in the 1990s, they were pants used for rugged outdoor activities – almost always khaki, oversized and with large patch pockets. Now they come in a variety of styles (including both loose and tight fitting), in just about amy color you can imagine, including denim blue and in a variety of lengths, from full length to cropped and capro lengths and even plus size cargo shorts in the summer.

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