Plus Size Maxi Dresses for Spring & Summer

Plus Size Maxi DressesPlus Size Maxi Dresses are a very big trend for this spring & summer.  I am seeing them everywhere – from the grocery store to out and about.  I absolutely love Maxi Dresses and feel like a million when I am wearing them.  They are so comfortable and, if you pick the right style, flattering.

I am still amazed that this trend has lasted for so many years and I, for one, hope that it never goes away!

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Plus Size Spring Dresses, Womens Plus Size Dresses, Plus Size Womens Dresses

Plus Size Spring DressesPlus Size Spring Dresses always make you feel special and feminine – A new season and a new look from winter’s darker layers. They are available early in the season in ample supply.

No matter if you need one for Easter, for a spring wedding or other special occasion, or just to celebrate the season, here are this season’s best Spring Dresses.

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Plus Size Maxi Dresses

Plus Size Maxi DressesWhen Plus Size Maxi Dresses came on the scene a few seasons ago, I figured the trend would be short lived. Much to my surprise they stayed and are becoming more and more popular. There is a great selection in a variety of styles – everything from casual to dressy. Here are the top picks for this season.

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Plus Size Maxi Dresses

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Dressing For Your Body Shape, What to Wear For Your Body Shape

Dressing For Your Body ShapeDressing For Your Body Shape means finding the best clothing, hairstyles and accessories that show off the best aspects of your figure is likewise going to be a unique process. The idea behind selecting clothing for different body shapes is teaching people how to look at themselves and their prospective wardrobes in a new way with a fresh eye.

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Trendy Plus Size Clothes – Fall 2009 – Purple

Trendy Plus Size Clothes - Fall 2009 - Purple

Purple is my favorite color and I just love it when it is in style!  Purple is such a great color and it looks great on almost everyone.  The color is associated with spirituality, royalty and nobility.  It looks great paired with jeans, black or charcoal gray.  Another way you will see it this season is with the same color tunic top and leggings or pants – this is from the 1980s influence in fashion this season.  Seems like everything in available in purple this season – from plus size leather coats to evening gowns.  Purple tunic, tee-shirts and sweaters are especially plentiful.  I honestly don’t ever remember such a huge selection of purple plus size clothes.  I’ve been doing some serious shopping lately – here are my favorite purple pieces for this Fall & Winter.  Purple accessories including handbags, shoes, scarves, belts and even outerwear are also available in abundance.  Most purple pieces also look wonderful with some of the gold metallic accessories that are also popular right now.   I love purple jewelry as well – amethyst is my favorite gemstone, although it isn’t my birthstone.  I have collected a few magnificent amethyst pieces over the years and I love to wear them with my purple clothes – they always get noticed.

Below are some of my top picks – although many of them are pictured in other colors, they are all available in purple as well.  Have fun!

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Trendy Plus Size Clothes for Fall 2009

Trendy Plus Size Clothes for Fall 2009

Can you believe it? It is the end of August, most kids have started back to school and Fall is upon us. Hey, wait a minute! What happened to summer?

The good news is that will Fall comes the new Fall Fashions. I’m sure we can all agree that Autumn is the most exciting fashion season. There is a great variety of styles and trends this season – something for everyone! Most of the styles are carry-overs from previous seasons – purple and hot pink will continue to dominate. The trend I am most excited about is that Black is Back! There is no “new black” this season! Being an Animal Print lover, I am happy to see them so strong this season. I also love Tunics and it looks like there will be a great assortment – especially those embellished with Sparkle & Shine. The 1980s strong shoulder/shoulder pad look was seen on the runways and in high fashion. I hope that look shows up in plus sizes, for all of us pear shaped ladies. The spring & summer had equal emphasis on gold & silver, but it is all gold for fall. Look for gold metallic accessories and accents.

Here are some of my favorite Trendy Plus Size Fall Fashions:

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