Trendy Plus Size Clothes – Spring Fashion Trends

The sun is shining and there’s a lovely warm breeze at your back. Spring has arrived, and it’s time to clean out your wardrobe to make room for Spring Fashion Trends. So what does this year hold for us?

Spring 2012 Plus Size Fashion Trends

Plus Size Spring DressesAs if to celebrate the light aromas on the winds, there’s going to be lace – whole shirts, dresses and of course trim. There will also be a plethora of floral prints springing to your store racks just like as the crocus just begin showing their buds.

In terms of color, anticipate two directions – one is bright and bold and the other nutral and gentle. This mirrors what’s happening with eye makeup this year, complete with a little nostalgic nodd to the 1960s hues, geometrics, stripes and other whimsical patterns. Orange is definitely the hot color this year followed very closely by red. Of course black and white never go out of fashion, its just how they’re used. This is a great time to get a new “little black dress” or some crisp white shirts. The beauty of black and white is their ability to mix and mingle with the rest of your wardrobe effortlessly.

Plus Size Spring DressesFor those special occasions or nights out – you’ll find dresses and skirts decorated with rhinestones or sequins. The overall preferred line is a little more square – so if you have broad shoulders watch out for dresses with shoulder pads (if you love the dress, remove the pads since you don’t need that help).

Spring fashion trends in slacks have moved toward a flair bottom and high waist. Pair these with kitten heels and a smart looking skinny belt and belt bag and you’re ready for nearly anything.

For accessories, shirts, dresses, vests and skirts crochet is back. In some instances its being used as an accent, and in others as the “fabric” for the piece.

In the bedroom romance has returned. While the classical comfortable pajama is still readily available, nightgowns and robes that whisper of the silver screen have returned – particularly in silk and satin. There’s no question that these celebrate the feminine curves, as do many of the seasons dresses made with very light fabrics that move with you. Some of the cuts have distinctive Greco-Roman influences particularly in the use of pleats or off the shoulder designs.

On the sportswear front, spring fashion trends continue with a floral or geometric themes and slightly richer colors. You’ll also see urban wear that has strong tribal overtone and a few hints of 1920s fashions with flapper playfulness.



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