Trendy Plus Size Jeans for Summer 2011

Trendy Plus Size Jeans
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Blue Jeans are a way of life for many of us.  Once reserved for casual wear (an work of the manual labor variety),  Jeans are now a wardrobe staple and are accepted in more and more settings.

When shipping for Plus Size Jeans, we are met with a seemingly endless selection.  How can you choose?  Actually, the Trendy Plus Size Jeans for Summer 2011 all fall into just a handful of styles.  Once you know what style you want, then you can focus on colors and other details as you narrow down your choice.

These are the current styles for this summer:

Classic Plus Size JeansClassic Jeans are generally 5 pocket, straight leg jeans.

  •  They usually come in different shades of denim – from light blue “washed” to dark indigo blue.
  • Are available in all lengths from shorts to full length.
  • Full length styles are available in petite and tall inseams.
  • Capri length jeans are very popular this season.
  • This summer in addition to the traditional colors, classic jeans are available in bright, fashion colors – including white for summer.
  • Can be found with an elastic waist if your waist and hips are different sizes.
  • Classic style jeans are also called straight leg jeans – they aren’t fitted like skinny jeans and don’t flare like boot cuts.
Boot Cut Jeans

Boot Cut Plus Size Jeans

  • Are flared at the bottom
  • Are also available in a variety of denim and fashion colors.
  • Are very flattering on plus size women, as they help to balance out the silhouette.
  • I think this style looks better with heels than straight leg or skinny leg jeans.
  • Can be found with an elastic waist if your waist and hips are different sizes.
  • Can also be found in styles that have spandex and are tighter fitting.
Plus Size Skinny JeansSkinny Jeans
Skinny Plus Size Jeans??  What in the world does that mean?
  • “Skinny Jeans” are tight & close fitting to the body.  They are “curve hugging”, but not necessarily skin tight.
  • Sometimes the lined gets blurred between skinny jeans, jeggings and/or denim leggings.
  • All of them fit very close to the body, all the way down to the hem.
Plus Size Wide Leg JeansWide Leg Jeans
  • Out of all of the styles, these are the most trendy
  • Can range from bell bottom (wide at the bottom) to more of a palazzo pants style (wide all the way down)
  • This style is very popular now with a fitted waist
  • Expect to see more of this style going forward, for this fall and at least a few seasons beyond.
Trendy Plus Size Jeans – To see my top picks for this summer’s jeans and recommended places to shop.



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